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if created a custom image from fresh install of windows 8,8.1 and 10. then after ,if I install it to multiple computers which is a lot of computers. If install it to many laptops with same model same specs same drivers like if this machines are windows 10 then i will install windows 10 for all the machines with same specs, model, and drivers with each machine has a embedded. 

my questions is; Is it okay if the hardware info are same info of each computer with same model, specs and drivers etc? is it legal or illegal

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RE: hardware info

• HI,

SupportAssist End User forum is to address the Customer issues on the product SupportAssist for PCs and Tablets.

Since your question is general, please post this on the Desktop/Laptop community forum. This is the correct link to post your question. en.community.dell.com/.../desktop

correct link to post your question. en.community.dell.com/.../laptop



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