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support assist collecte schedule


Support assist is  now configured by default to make monthly logs collections  for the most part of the systems. I would like to know how we can modifiy to make it weekly.

I find that a weekly (even daily) collection is more appropriate to detect and alert  for the defective composants.

I remember an old version ( maybe 1.0 ) i was able to modify the scheduling.


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Re: support assist collecte schedule


As far as i know it's only possible to run a monthly schedule for reporting purposes.

When there are any issues on your systems it should directly create an incident off that server and also create a new collection of the servers data. that's what it's designed for.

so no need to run a daily collection for this to search for any issues, they will be reported as they appear.

(At least for 12th gen and higher 🙂 )

hope this helps.


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