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SSD replacement


Unfortunately, after having read several post on this topic and as I haven't yet solved the problem, I need to ask again for help.

Problem: I had to replace  my laptop ssd but in spite of the fact of being "seen" by the bios it is always not bootable.

laptop: Inspiron 13 5378,

old ssd:Micron sata 512GB - new ssd:  Kingston KC600 512G SSD SATA3


I tried to reinstall (several times) windows 10 from a bootable stick (it copies files but at the and it cannot reboot), to format it from a linux live distro, to disconnect for 10 mins the CMOS battery and I checked several times the BIOS parameters (also restoring them to factory settings) but the disk is always not bootable.

Is there a way to solve the problem?

Thank you very much in advance


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