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Constrains in configuring BCV and R1

Hi All,

   Is it permissible in VMAX10K to:

1- Have a SG with TDEVs, all of which are to have BCV copies

2- a few to be configured as R1 ?

   If it is possible, is there a particular sequence that needs to be followed to achieve this ? We already had the TDEVs in place, and we found that it was not allowing to configure SRDF on select LUNs once cloning was configured for the SG. Vice versa, we found that clone config was not possible once certain LUNs were configured as R1.

We found a way out, where we split the LUNs to two DGs. One with R1+BCV; the other  a regular DG, with all LUNs configured as BCV.

Some insight on this highly appreciated.

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Re: Constrains in configuring BCV and R1

Not sure i clearly understand your setup and requirements.  This is what i have:

TDEV (R1) - presented to host, SRDF/S

Clone (R1) -  SRDF/S (suspended during clone operations and re-established after clone operation completes

Is that what you are trying to do or something else ?

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Re: Constrains in configuring BCV and R1

What are you trying to accomplish here?  More insight would help.

Also, do you have all licensing and are you using any scripts?

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Re: Constrains in configuring BCV and R1


Our requirement is to create PIT copies of the SG with containing the R1 devices. We trying to do this configuration using the unisphere. In that we got an error. Below are the steps we are performed,

1 - Select the SG

2 - Then we click "Protect"

Then it's give this below error

"The selected Storage Group is invalid for Clone, RecoverPoint or SRDF protection

Storage group XXXX contains device(s) which are not RDF devices

The SG has a mix of RDF and non-RDF volumes

No RecoverPoint Systems Known"

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