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ELM license file for 5875


i have a box shipped with 5874 and we install with 5875.139.93

license changed in 5875 , so license file to be loaded during powerup

i notice that the license file which was generated using LAC  not having all the feature

so box came with license paperthat have license for fast, spa , optimizer ... etc

can i add these license using symcli commadn ( old method)

or should i contact emc so  they can generate new license file that have all features

and what will happend if i try to add it using symcli

note i have SMAS  7.3 . se 7.3

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Re: ELM license file for 5875

You are going to need an LAC to transact through the licensing system; it works wonderfully (sarcasm there).  I would contact your EMC account team and get them on getting you the keys you need.  Some are transacted against the host you want to runt he commands from and some features are transacted against the storage array.  No I havent found a good listing of what is what.

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Re: ELM license file for 5875

Hello, the License file you have were they created for the Symmetrix for Enginuity 5874 or for Enginuity 5875. If the Licenses were created for Enginuity 5874 and the Symmetrix was installed at Enginuity 5875 the Licenses would not work. Do you have a copy of the License file you can send me and the serial number of the Symmetrix or a sales order number?