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How to rebalance Virtual Pool in DMX4


I have a DMX4 at code 5773, with an existing Virtual pool.

The initial Tdats in the pool are 100% Used.

The VP was 135% oversubscribed and was approaching 90% full.

An interim disk upgrade introduced more Tdats to gain headroom in the VP.

The Tdats created then are now 41% used.

A third disk upgrade introduced more Tdats that are now 10% used.

The rebalance command does not work at this code level.

Someone mentioned that Optimiser can do a rebalance on this pool.

What are the steps required to use Optimiser to rebalance the pool?


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Re: How to rebalance Virtual Pool in DMX4


There is no automated pool rebalancing with DMX4 available.

Optimizer only allows for movements of thick devices and has no effect to virtual provisioning with 5773.

Firstly, I'd ask is there a need to rebalance ??

The fact that a TDAT is 100% full is not necessarily a bad thing.

The primary factor in deciding you need to rebalance is generally when the new TDAT's you have added to the pool recieve too many IOPS and degrade performance.

If your current performance profile is acceptable, then you could just leave the pool as it is.

If you have a specific need to create some free space on the original TDAT drives, then your only option is to drain some of those TDAT's from the pool and re-add them.

Try and target 1 TDAT from each drive initially and see how it goes.


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