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[Question]VMAX 250F eMGMT ip setting

Dear all thank you for answering this question in advance is it possible to configure emgmt 1 and emgmt 2 different band IP address ranges? for example, configure eMGMT-1 : eMGMT-2 : of course, it can communicate each other between eMGMT-1( and eMGMT-2(
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Re: [Question]VMAX 250F eMGMT ip setting

Don't know if you got an answer to this already, but I just stumbled across this question. The answer is yes you can though, shouldn't be a problem. Each eMGMT instance has it's own external ethernet port (on the physical MMCS; MMCS-1 for MGMT-0 and MMCS-2 for MGMT-1). Since these each have their own connection they can use different bands as long as this is reflected in the array bin file. I've seen a few setup like this and it's not an issue. 


Hope that helps.