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Reg --.bin file EMC DMX4

My question is regarding EMC symmetrix  bin file .My company is planing for a hardware upgrade  and according to EMC they need to have a lock on this bin file for 5days that is we are not allowed to do any configuration changes for 5 days in the Storage box.I really dont understand how this kind of limitations are there in an enterprise array .

Also can anyone give me a link for whitepapers reg .bin file am not able to find much usefull info on net

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Re: Reg --.bin file EMC DMX4

a lot of these limitations are being removed in code 75/76 (ie: you can add drives without locking the box).

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Re: Reg --.bin file EMC DMX4

We recommend locking the box with CE lock while any upgrade is planned. This is to ensure that no new configuration is made or changed while the upgrade is done or from the time BIN file is captured from the Symm. Since all these procedures are internal to EMC, i dont think there is any public white paper exist for the same?



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Re: Reg --.bin file EMC DMX4

From Enginuity 5875 and above following Hardware changes are allowed without CE config lock:

  • Adding New Engine(s)
  • Adding New empty physical disks (with Vault volumes if necessary)
  • Change Host Adapter: All settings of Host Adapter will be changed based on new configuration if the type of Host Adapter is changed.  (e.g RF converted to FA etc )
  • Add/Remove RDF when there are no logical volumes assigned to the RDF adapter.
  • RDF global flags will be changed based on the new configuration.

See primus emc260721