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SFA 467233 -VMAX3 x CE config lock

Guys ,

Today we had to make a CE lock in a VMAX3 in order to change the binfile ( RCM did it ).

Taking the SFA 467233 " where a CE lock is required for a system configuration change " https://emcservice--c.na55.visual.force.com/apex/KB_BreakFix_clone?id=kA2j0000000R5z8 , we can find a XLS spreadsheet with following items

VMAX3_CE_locks_policies where changes that are possible to execute with CE lock in place are shown :

Change TypeApplication/Interface
Create TDEVsymconfigure
Adding a gatekeeper devicesymconfigure
Adding an RDF mirrorsymconfigure
Convert DEV (BCV/Celera)symconfigure
Delete devicesymconfigure
Remove RDF mirrorsymconfigure
Setting a device identifiersymconfigure
Setting a Storage Resource Pool (SRP) parametersymconfigure
Setting a name to an Service Level Objective (SLO)symconfigure
Setting a Symmetrix configuration metricsymconfigure
Reserving a devicesymconfigure
Renaming a Storage Resource Pool (SRP)symconfigure
Activating an edisk for usesymconfigure
Starting a drain operation on a external disksymconfigure
Stoping drain operation on a external disksymconfigure
Associating a port to a director emulationsymconfigure
Disassociating a port from a director emulationsymconfigure
Creating an IP Interfacesymconfigure
Modifying an IP Interfacesymconfigure
Deleting an IP Interfacesymconfigure
Adding an IP Routesymconfigure
Removing an IP Routesymconfigure
Creating an iSCSI targetsymconfigure
Modifying an iSCSI targetsymconfigure
Renaming an iSCSI targetsymconfigure
Deleting an iSCSI targetsymconfigure
Attaching an IP Interface to an iSCSI targetsymconfigure
Detaching an IP Interface from an iSCSI targetsymconfigure
write_disable symdev
not_ready symdev
set -geometry symdev
allocate -stopsymdev
reclaim symdev
set -persistentsymdev
unset -persistentsymdev
set -gcmsymdev
unset -gcmsymdev
set -no_identitysymdev
create -tdevsymdev
create <-gk|-as400_gk> [-N <#>]symdev
delete <SymDevName>symdev
modify <SymDevName> symdev
All RDF operationssymrdf
Allsymaccess (masking)
Director and port (online/offline)symcfg

My question is :

Customer tried to provision some volumes using Unisphere interface and it FAILED pointing that LOCK was in effect and it couldn't be executed.

Is it correct ? Supposedly it should work, right ?

It's a VMAX V3 250F running code 5977-952-892-6243 .

Customer is using a Centralized Unisphere that already is working with their VMAX100K boxes ( Don't know exaclty which version ).

Thanks in advance.

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