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Symm optimizer

I'm reading up on symm optimizer virtual lun migration.  I have found some documents saying 3+1 and 7+1 migrations can take place across disk groups of same Raid type.  We are using a DMX 3 for testing running 5772 code.  I cant see where it states 3+1 to a 7+1 config is supported and the other way around.

Does it allow migrations of same raid type to differenly raid sets.  For instance.  move a 8GB lun from R5 3+1 to a R5 7+1 lun?


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Re: Symm optimizer


VLUN migration is available in Symmetrix VMAX running Enguinity 5874 and later. And here are some restrictions in virtual LUN migration:

◆ You cannot migrate protected devices to an unprotected protection type. Migrations of unprotected source devices to unprotected target are supported.

◆ You cannot migrate to the same protection type (RAID 5 (3+1) to RAID 5 (3+1) and the same disk group number (disk group 1 to disk group 1). The desired protection type or disk group number must be different from what exists on the source devices.

◆ Device types not supported:
• VDEVs (TimeFinder Snap)
• Thin devices
• DATA devices
• Vault devices/


Saurabh Rohilla

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