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Sync split looks good, but Oracle getting errors


Our Oracle team has just started using compression. They asked us to do a sync split and we've used the same procedure for the last two years without issue. I did an incremental and a -full -force establish and everything looks good. We coordinated the hot backup and log disk routine like we always do and our volumes synchronized and split without any errors. The Oracle team are getting errors when trying to recover from the sync/split volumes to clone. The think it's a problem with the volumes, I do not, however, I still have to investigate.

The are getting ORA-00356, ORA-00353 errors, inconsistent lengths in change description, log corruption.

Thanks in advance!


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Re: Sync split looks good, but Oracle getting errors

Hello Admingirl,

This should be followed up with Oracle on the new change to using compression and if needed I would also contact your EMC account team to assist depending on what Oracle says. It sounds like the only change was to start using compression. Depending on what Oracle says we would need to line up the times and check the Symm at that time for any issues.

I hope that helps,


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