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Trying to get the capacity reports (adhoc) using SYMCLI

Hello folks,

I am trying to get the storage capacity, configured capacity, currently the Idea is to with a single click of batch file or any script need to get the metrics of the symms in my environment. Currently we have 2 vmaxs with tiered storage and virtual provisioning in place. Any sample scripts will be appreciated.


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Re: Trying to get the capacity reports (adhoc) using SYMCLI

Hi there,

We can create a run a script to collect the capacity report.

symconfigure -sid XXXX list -freespace units -mb >>freespace

symmaskdb -sid XXXX list capacity -host XXXX >>capacity(in case of Symmetrix other than VMAX)

symaccess -sid XXXX list view -detail >>view(Entire views with their devices on VMAX)

symcfg -sid XX list -pool -detail  >>pool(Subscription for each and every pool)

I am not that do in shell and corn scripting. so I use to dump these info into text file and further invesitage,