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Vmax masking view

Hi , what is the best practise while creating Masking view for one server .

Should I create 2 masking view for same server like  Server_MV1 and  Server_MV2 where MV1 will have one HBA (IG) and one storage port (group) and MV2 will have another HBA (IG) and another storage port (group) . This sound like masking done in OLD fashion.

OR should we create the single maskging view with one IG having both HBA's and one PG with 2 FA's.

Please tell me which is better and why ??????

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Re: Vmax masking view

Hello you can to use the next command:

  1. Cendes1

  2. 1. ###Masking de CENDES1 por VMAX S/N:CK292601153###

    2. symaccess -sid 153 rename -wwn 10000000cxxxxx12 -alias CENDES1/HBA1

    3. symaccess -sid 153 rename -wwn 10000000cxxxxx13 -alias CENDES1/HBA2

    4. symaccess -sid 153 create -type initiator -name CENDES1_ig -wwn 10000000cxxxxx12

    5. symaccess -sid 153 -type initiator -name CENDES1_ig -wwn 10000000cxxxxx13 add

    6. symaccess -sid 153 create -type port -name 8E0_10E1_pg -dirport 8E:0,10E:1

    7. symaccess -sid 153 create -type storage -name CENDES1_sg devs 168,169,16C,16F

    8. symaccess -sid 153 create view -name CENDES1_mig_mv -sg CENDES1_sg -pg 8E0_10E1_pg -ig CENDES1_ig

Also, you can to see this informaion in:

Storage Provisioning_Transitioning to EMC Symmetrix V-Max Auto-provisioning Groups — A Detailed Review.pdf


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Re: Vmax masking view

Hi ,

Vmax Masking view

for both HBA s we can create same initiator grp, and for both FA port we can create one PG grp like that

but for the clustered server we have to create 2 initiator groups and create another initiator grp  as a cascaded initiator. 

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Re: Vmax masking view

In initiator groups:

An initiator may belong to only one initiator group.

Generally the more paths in an initiator group, the greater the management efficiency.While it is possible to define an initiator group with a single HBA and create a view for each HBA, additional efficiency is gained by grouping related HBAs.

In Port groups:

For availability and performance, devices should be mapped to two or more front-end director ports.These ports should be on different directors, and if possible, different engines.With the exception of single engine systems, the ''Rule of 17'' can still apply.

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Re: Vmax masking view

Nice! Are you willing to share the command I need to use to create a cascaded IG?

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Re: Vmax masking view

If you are planning to create masking view for single host and want host to see devices from same set of paths, I would recommend create a single masking view.

Create a new Storage Group :
symaccess -sid xxx create -name sample_SG -type storage devs <Symdev name>:<Symdev name>

Verify that the Storage Group was created :
symaccess -sid xxx show sample_SG -type storage

Create a new Port Group. Ex : with FAs 7E:0 and 10E:0
symaccess -sid xxx create -name sample_PG -type port -dirport 7e:0,10e:0

Verify that the Port Group was created :
symaccess -sid xxx show sample_PG -type port

Create a new Initiator Group :
symaccess -sid xxx create -name sample_IG -type initiator -wwn <HBA1 WWPN> -consistent_lun
symaccess -sid xxx add -name sample_IG -type initiator -wwn <HBA2 WWPN>

Verify that the Initiator Group was created :
symaccess -sid xxx show sample_IG -type initiator

Verify whether consistent lun is enabled :
symaccess -sid xxx show sample_IG -type initiator -detail

Create a Masking View that contains the Storage Group, Port Group, and Initiator Group created earlier :
symaccess -sid xxx create view -name sample_view -sg sample_SG -pg sampl e_PG -ig sample_IG

Verify that the Masking View was created :
symaccess -sid xxx show view sample_view