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What are the basic powermt commands

Can any one tell me what are the basic powermt commands ?.I mainly looking for the powermt commands that we have to issue if there is any power path/LUN visiblity issue..


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Re: What are the basic powermt commands

powermt display dev=all   ( to list all devices managed by powerpath and their status)

powermt display dev=all every=10 ( list IO and queues every 10 seconds)

powermt check ( check if there are any dead paths and offers to delete them)

PS: please don't forget to mark your previous question as answered (about setting SCSI3 reservation).


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Re: What are the basic powermt commands

Done and thanks for your help...

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Re: What are the basic powermt commands

Before running powepath commands you need to make sure that the host operating system has visibility to the devices as well.  for instance in windows run a scan through disk manager so that it picks up new devices which powerpath can then manage.  The same is true in windows for removing devices on dead paths etc. powerpath will not be able to remove a device if the o/s "thinks" its in use; so again run a scan.  I have some of the basic commands below; you can run the help on the powermt display as there are a lot of options for that command.  powermt version is the one command that can be run as any user all other powermt commands require root/administrator level to run them.

powermt version

prints the version of PowerPath that is installed on the host.

powermt check_registration

checks the state of the PowerPath license on a host.

powermt check

checks specified paths and, if desired, removes from the PowerPath configuration any paths marked dead.

powermt save

saves the PowerPath settings in the file powermt.custom.

powermt display

displays information about HBAs or devices configured for and managed by PowerPath.

powermt restore

tests and restores specified paths. It issues test I/Os and responds to the test results