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gatekeeper migration and discover

this is being done on an aix host

I am migrating 7 luns from an existing emc san array to another emc san array...and need to remove the old luns

6 luns are gatekeepers and 1 lun is data -- 40 G

I ran config manager on the host and the new luns are showing up from the new array....

I will perform a migratepv to move the data from old 40 Gig disk to the new 40G disk

at this point I will remove disk from vg and rmdev the disk from the aix odm

question is

how to remove the other 6 old 3 meg gatekeep devices?

do I need to move the data from the old pv to the new pv via migratepv

or do I just remove the old gk devices by rmdeving them and them unzoning them?

also, there was a mention of a discovery that is recommended to be done...

how do I do a discovery?

do I run discover after I rmdev all the luns?

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Re: gatekeeper migration and discover

The gatekeepers do not need to be migrated, just remove them with rmdev when you're finished with the old array.

After they've been removed, you can execute "symdev -sid xxxx remove" to remove the old array from the SYMAPI database, followed by "symcfg discover" to discover the new array so it, if necessary.

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Re: gatekeeper migration and discover

Agreed... the command to remove the old array from the symapi db is symcfg rather than symdev.

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