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srdf status -Partitioned ?

hi - can anyone help me out knowing about below status "Partitioned"

is it a issue that need to be fixed?

# symrdf -sid 40 list |grep 615C
615C 4248   R2:16   ?? WD NR   S..2-       0        0 WD  NA   Partitioned

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Re: srdf status -Partitioned ?

When SRDF breaks, usually due to a link drop, the status goes to partitioned.  You will need to make sure the links are up and recover the SRDF to begin transmitting data again.

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Re: srdf status -Partitioned ?

Venu - Naturally, when the physical link is down the RDF pair would be in "Partitioned state". But there are few points which you need to consider.

1.  If your SYMAPI is not able to communicate through the RA group to the Remote SYMM, then the devices in the RA group will be marked as Partitioned state.
2. Please ensure whether your host has access to Remote SYMM or not. You may need to check the "/var/symapi/config/symavoid" file to ensure that your remote SYMM is not listed in this file. The symavoid file affects the operation of symcfg discover by skipping the search of devices that belong to the SYMM arrays specified in this file.


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