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symrdf split

I have set up a group of volumes for SRDF/A testing.  Currently they are consistient.  I will split them and let the user mount the R2s on his Unisys machine.  Since the R2s will be R/W he can make changes to the volumes while testing.  When he is done testing I want to re-establish but don't want to keep any changes he made to the R2s.  Can I just do a symrdf est or do I need to do a symrdf est -full.  Or is there a better option to restart replication and toss out any changes made on the R2 side.  I definetly know that I do not want to do symrdf restore as it will copy the bogus (testing) changes from the R2s to the R1s.

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Re: symrdf split

incremental establish will blow away anything that was written to R2.

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