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track lun back to the server

is there anyone who can provide SYMCLI command to track a lun back to the server? here what I have using when had io spike in ECC/PMA, to get list to find specific io,

#symstat -i 60 -sid xx > file.txt, this gave the high io luns,

#symcfg list - connections, tell what logged into the dmx, then

#symmask list hba -v for hba's

#symcfg list FA <xx> - addr,

what am i missing here?

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Re: track lun back to the server

symmaskdb -sid <123> list assignment -dev DEVNAME

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Re: track lun back to the server

`symmaskdb list database` which will return all the devices against each host. You would be lucky if you see all "node name" filed with proper names, instead of WWN

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