Windows Creators Upgrade failing again and again

My XPS 15 is failing the Windows 10 Creators almost every day since a week... Not so funny as since the modification of Microsoft update strategy, I cannot stop my pc from downloading this update, then installing it quickly until 70% then kind of freezing (1% almost every 2 min which makes the install almost 1 hour) to finish it off with an error, restarting to restore previous version (which took up to 4 hours). As update cannot be cancel, I am having such a fun for almost 2 weeks now. In other words, it is kind of looping. I decided to roll back. No luck. I tried the Reset this PC option from Microsoft. No luck to finally backup everything and reinstall the whole Dell factory... Everything fine until I get back to the same update... Same result, no luck... Can anyone help me ?

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RE: Windows Creators Upgrade failing again and again

Bonjour SP-KNOW.

Quelle est la gamme de votre PC s'il vous plait ?

Je vous invite à tester de télécharger l'iso de l'update et de l'installer offline :


Je vous souhaite une excellente journée.



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