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Accessing Host via iDRAC using puTTY

Hello All,

Is there a way or command to connect the iDRAC via PuTTY and further try accessing the local host which is linux.We have an PowerEdge R720 and are running standalone RHEL on it.

Thank you, Krish

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Re: Accessing Host via iDRAC using puTTY

There are a number of steps involved in setting this up; fortunately the new iDRAC 7.0 user guide at covers them all!

The guide covers a number of capabilities and configurations that can be Here is a high-level overview of the necessary configuration changes:

• Configure BIOS serial console redirection on COM2 (pp71-72)

• Configure iDRAC to use serial-on-LAN (p72)

• Enable SSH to the iDRAC (p73)

• Configure SSH client (PuTTY) for proper terminal emulation (p74)

• Configure the boot loader to use the serial console (pp78-79)

• Configure the kernel to display on the serial console (p78)

• Configure a login on the serial console (p79-80)


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