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Administrator Account

I just changed my user account from administrator to standard.  What I should have done was created a new user account for standard.  I'm the only user on this laptop and there is only one user account.  Help & Support says Windows requires at least one administrator account, so if there is only one user account, you can't change it from admin to standard, but this appears to be what happened.  So now I have one user account with the status being 'standard'.  Can someone please help me get my user account back to administrator?  When trying to do this, I keep being promted for a password.  I did not set up a password protected account.  Please HELP.


Thanks - Darla O'Sullivan 

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Re: Administrator Account

What Operating System is this? Have you tried booting into safe mode, the local admin account should display and if you did not setup any password you should be able to click on it and it would log you in. You can then add new users and make the changes you want.

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