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After update cannot access DRAC remotely

I have a Dell T620 which I am rebuilding with Win Svr 2012 R2. I configured the H710 RAID and drives, licensed the iDRAC and configured it, tested, and all was good. Then I installed the OS. I upgraded the iDRAC from ver 1.2.x to 2.5.2 using the downloaded FW update from the Dell site for my server. All was right with the world. I could connect remotely and use the console as needed, etc.

I saw the iDRAC with Lifecycle Controller v. download and thought it would be good to get the most recent package, and installed it. It installed successfully and showed me the upgraded Lifecycle Controller version. But, I cannot connect to the DRAC remotely now; when I access from IE and sign on with the correct credentials, it just spins and never gives me the web page.

Any ideas what has happened? TIA for any help...

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RE: After update cannot access DRAC remotely

Can you clear browser cache and try login to iDRAC?

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RE: After update cannot access DRAC remotely

You could try a RAC reset (not a CFG reset). You can do this from a command line box on the server the RAC is installed on.

racadm racreset

Or if possible you could try powering off the server, pulling the power cord(s) to the PSU(s) and holding in the power ON button for 10 secs. Plug the power back in again and boot the server.

I'm currently upgrading various servers with v2.21.21.21 and am not getting a problem with flashing.

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