Audit iDRAC administrator account password changes

Hello all,

I'm looking for a way to audit password changes (need to show proof of password change every 30 days for iDRAC local administrator account) on all of our iDRACs via PowerShell.  I need to do this without the racadm executable.  I have been able to find how to export the LC log but not how to read the LC log without exporting it.  My line of thought was to look for the password change event in the LC log. Any ideas?  Maybe there is another way?

winrm i ExportLCLog schemas.dmtf.org/.../DCIM_LCService -u:%USERNAME% -p:%PASSWORD%  -r:https://%IPADDRESS%/wsman -SkipCNcheck -SkipCAcheck -encoding:utf-8 -a:basic -file:ExportLCLog.xml 

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