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Bios audit - over 2000 workstations


Hi Everyone,


I need to do an audit of just over 2000 workstations to find out the Bios versions and settings used. Is the Altiris client manager the only way to do this??

The reason for the audit is that we are experiencing network dropouts (unknown duplex setting messages being displayed on our switches)  on a number of machines (both 755s and 745s)...

I currently use OpenManage for our server fleet... not sure if this will help?






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Re: Bios audit - over 2000 workstations

Hi Stuart,

You can use the Dell OpenManage Client Instrumentation agent. This is the workstation version of OpenManage Server Administrator. Here is a link to the documentation...

As for the software, you can download this from the support pages for your workstation under the category "System Management".



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