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Brand New PowerEdge T440. Sys Fan at max speed (4920rpm)?

I just received a Brand new T440.

This system has a single Xeon Silver 4110 and 2*32Gb LRDIMM sticks.

I added an i350-4 NIC and an H730P with two disks.

Now onto the issue: The system 'naturally' seems to throttle the System fan to 4920rpm for no valid reason.

I've had to use ipmitool commands to slow down the System fan to 1k rpm.

From the iDrac, I have configured the following settings:

- Configuration -> System Settings -> Hardware Settings -> Fans configuration. 'Minimal Power'

- Configuration -> System Settings -> Hardware Settings -> Fans configuration. Only one card (Slot1) is marked as '3rd Party' (the i350-4) and I've set the LFM mode to 'Disabled'.

I've opened an SR with Dell Support and they are still investigating (I provided a TSR to them).

The fan seems to spin 'naturally' back to 4920rpm and it's only the ipmitool commands that make it manageable.

I've got the latest firmwares.

Anyone experiencing similar issues?



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