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CMC Firmaware Update on M1000e


is the a required way to update the CMC firmware?

Why i am asking:
I have updated the firmware first on the standby controller, then in the second step i updated the primary controller.

But, after power on the first blade (M910), it came up with following error:
"System Service Update required"

Do may be the firmware update from the CMC correspond to this error?
Should i first update the idrac's from the blades and then the cmc?

After downloading and executing the Lifecycle Controller Repair Package i can access the idrac again.
But for the next time i want to prevent this error.

Regard Marc
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Peter Tsai
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RE: CMC Firmaware Update on M1000e

Hi Marczmm,

I'm entirely not sure that it's a CMC related issue. It seems that your DRAC memory might have gotten corrupted.

I found the error message you encountered in the following M1000e documentation:

System service update required - The iDRAC6 Enterprise Card flash memory may be corrupted.

Recommended action:
Restore the flash memory using the latest version on or See the iDRAC6 User's Guide for instructions on performing a field replacement of the flash memory.

It seems that you took the correct action - If you get that error message again you probably want to contact Dell support.
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Re: CMC Firmaware Update on M1000e


Do we require downtime to upgrade CMC firmware? Please tell me.



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Re: CMC Firmaware Update on M1000e

No. It only affects the drac connectivity to the chassis for a few seconds while the interface is upgraded.. Your blades will not be affected at all.

John Bradshaw

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