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Can OmniPlex Clients be managed using OpenManage?

I have installed IPAssistant on a Dell 2650 with the intention of managing our OmniPlex 150 clients with it.   I have installed the DMI Agent on the workstations.  I have also installed the OMCI agent on the workstations.   But, the clients are still not being 'classified' on the server. 

Is it possible to manage Omniplex clients via IT Assistant Open Manage?  If so, what needs to be setup on the clients in order for them to be picked up by the IT Assistant?

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Re: Can OmniPlex Clients be managed using OpenManage?

Yes, using Dell openmanage client instrumentation in conjunction with IT assistant  Check the available downloads for your optiplex to locate the most recent version.  You can do discovery using SNMP or CIM (common information model)

More information on client instrumenation -


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