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Can't assign IP from OMSA?

I have a new PE T340 and I'm remotely trying to configure the iDRAC IP via OMSA which I've done before but after I plug in the IP, subnet, gateway and hit apply, it switches back to all

I've verified the IP is available. Not sure why it's not applying. Any suggestions?

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Would you try running the following command with your IP Subnet Gateway details 


racadm setniccfg -s


then let me know if the iDrac maintains the configuration?

Let me know what you see.



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Hmm it says it was successful but still show's all zeros. here is what I used "racadm setniccfg -s"


"Static IP configuration enabled and modified successfully"




You might try running the command with admin rights/as root, if you didn't before. The command you're using is correct, so it should work. You might also try setting the IP from the BIOS configuration menu, just for sake of being thorough. If you're not able to get the IP to save even there, then you might consider contacting phone support. Even if the IP were to be unavailable, you should be able to save it and just have to deal with the resulting IP conflict.


Ok. I'll try to set it next time I'm on site via the BIOS. I tried running it again as admin via CMD but no luck.


Thinking about it, one last thing you might try is a reset of the iDRAC. You can do this remotely with the command racadm recreset -h, or reset it to defaults with racadm recresetcfg.


Actually, I decided to call Dell to open a support case and they couldn't get it working either. Had an engineer on the call too. I tried the IDRAC reset before opening the ticket but that didn't work. 

We did a removal of OMSA v10 as they thought maybe since it was just released that could be it but even with v9.5 we had the same problem.

I'm heading on site Thursday to try to set it via the BIOS.

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