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Can't find IDRAC7 Enterprise license upgrade

Receiving a new R620 server in a few days. It has IDRAC7 Express installed.

I tried calling Dell sales many times asking for the Enterprise upgrade and India hangs up on me everytime because they can't understand what I want. I give them the Dell part number and they say they have no listing for it then hang up on me.

It is easy to buy the R420 Enterprise license online, but I do not think that will work with the 600 series servers.

Where can  I get this upgrade. Anybody?

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RE: Can't find IDRAC7 Enterprise license upgrade


You can go to this link and create an account and then order the iDrac7 Enterprise License for the R620 as well. 

Do you know how to update the idrac from the download?

Let me know what you find.

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