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Cannot get management software to work!


I'm attempting to setup a Dell 1920w UPS to work with an ESXi 4.1 server. The ESXi runs on a Dell R200.

As instructed I have created a vMA and installed the Dell Management Software on this VM. I can run the 'agent' but when I try to './monitor' I get an error message saying the following:

[vi-admin@localhost ups]$ ./monitor
 Starting Manager:
Unable to locate the application's 'main' class. The class 'manager2.Manager2' must be public and have a 'public static void main(String[])' method. (LAX)

Same message if I attempt to run './Manager'.

Is there a known problem with this software? Any suggestions would help because I am really stuck.




P.S. 'The Dell UPS Management Software Installation and Configuration User's guide' seems to lack some detail in a couple of sections.

Namely in the section

- Installation on a VMware ESXi Server >> Dell UPS Management Software Installation. 'Edit the doc 'VMwareESXHosts' on the installation path. There isn't a file by this name, i'm guessing you have to make one. What format?


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Re: Cannot get management software to work!

Anyone have got the solution? Thanks very much! I have the similar question, I'm still concerned about it, It's very long now.
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Re: Cannot get management software to work!

Please go to http://communities.vmware.com/thread/305596?tstart=0

Everything now shuts down gracefully.  I modified the scripts to make them more understandable for non-script writers.  Not that I am one.  I also added a couple pages of documentation.


Michael Ceccanese