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Dell IDRAC web query

Hi Guys,

Is there any simple way to find out basic information about Dell IDRAC via their URL(IDRAC URL) itself. I am mainly after firmware detials of IDRAC. I dont want to authenticate each and every ILO and pull information by RACADM.

Like in case of HP ILO we can query xmldata and fetch the information: example:


Similarly I am looking to query Dell IDRAC's and find out information without authenticating.

I have more than 2k odd Dell servers Smiley Happy

Appreciate if anybody can help.

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RE: Dell IDRAC web query


You can get the firmware information by selecting about at the bottom of the login page. It appears to pull the information via script because if you go to the URL directly the firmware version will not populate.

I'm not aware of a method similar to what you describe with the HP management controller. Pulling the XML from our iDRAC requires authentication. You may want to look into OpenManage Essentials if you need to monitor/manage that many systems. You can use multiple methods to gather information from either the iDRAC or OpenManage Server Administrator and report that information in OME.


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RE: Dell IDRAC web query

I would use a remote racadm command to do this with a for loop in a script and would nicely print the device name, IP and drac firmware version to a .csv file that I would then open in a spreadsheet editor for viewing.

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