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Dell OEM-R 720xd || Server keeps booting to its System Setup

Hi Support,

I have a server that keeps 'F2 = Entering System Setup' after every reboot. The server does not have a keyboard attached to it, and I even went ahead and disabled all the USB ports in the BIOS just to be sure. However, the server keeps booting to the System Setup.

The boot sequence has been set as follows:
1. Harddrive C: Integrated RAID Controller 1: PERC H710 || All Virtual disks are ready!
2. Integrated NIC 1 (Normally this one is the first, but changed for testing purposes)

System Information
Description OEM-R 720xd
BIOS Version 2.7.0
Node Id DRF****
Express Service Code 29956******
Host Name
OS Name
OS Version
System Revision I
Lifecycle Controller Firmware
IDSDM Firmware Version N/A


All help is appreciated

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Thank You for providing the system information.

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