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Dell OpenManage Server Administrator - Default Login - Trouble with PASSWORD - Solved - #moviestarweb

I run a media business in Hollywood, CA. We purchased some unused Dell 2950 servers. I was looking for a way to manage them when I came across this video.

I am running Windows 2008 R2. I downloaded Dell OpenManage Essentials and Dell OpenManage Server Administrator. These two installs require Dot NET 4.0 then DOT Net 4.5. After the Microsoft Installs the programs run great.

When I tried to run Dell OpenManage Server Administrator it gave me a malformed URL and a generic looking login. I hit F5 and this cleared the error. It was asking for the default user Login. After looking or a few minutes online I saw many peole were stumped by this. The Default user login should be what you eneter to start the machine. EXAMPLE: USER: Administrator PASSWORD: yourpassword

The system logged me in without any problems.

Sometimes the solution is the obvious one that we don't try.

Hopes this helps,

James Black CSE

Computer Science Engineer

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