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Dell OpenManage System Administrator and SMNP values differ

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Hi all,

At a client we're running OpenManage Server Administrator 7.4.0 on server 2003 (I know!) on a PowerEdge R900.
We are seeing a predictive disk failure within OpenManage, and can only assume this is correct. 
We haven't seen anything in our monitoring platform which works on snmp, and when doing an snmpwalk of the server and various community strings, we see the following for all the disks, where status 3 for ArrayDiskState according to http://www.dell.com/support/manuals/uk/en/ukbsdt1/dell-opnmang-sw-v8.1/snmp_ref_guide-v5/array-disk-... is online and no issues. 

It's almost like Dell isn't able to update the OID value.

Can anyone shed any light on this? Thanks

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Re: Dell OpenManage System Administrator and SMNP values differ


Predictive failure is a disk state, not a virtual disk state. The OID you are looking at is the virtual disk state. The virtual disk should stay in an online state if a disk goes predictive failure. I think the OID you are looking for is on page 414 of the SNMP reference guide(arrayDiskSmartAlertIndication).



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