Dell OptiPlex 9020 Bios disable legacy enable UEFI, change boot order

We are pushing a new image this summer but we need to make boot and file system changes, my boss wants me to automate this process.

the goals are to desable legacy in bios, enable UEFI, select PXE,  change UeFI boot order (usb,cd, NIC, Hd)

using the Bios configuration tool at command line. I have the config.ini file from the bios.

can I make all those changes at once or do I have to reboot in between enable UEFI and changeing the boot order

I am finding the file changes to boot order is not giving me the results I want, any tips on this as a side question?

The why: we are moving from MBR to GPT with the new image Win10, and we save time on the boot by disabling legacy. The boss says so. (the short answer)

any tips or suggestions welcome.

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