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Dell Server Management Pack For SCOM 2019


We are planning to install SCOM 2019, currently we are using SCOM 2012 R2.

As part of planning we are currently checking the 3rd party Management Packs which are supported with SCOM 2019. We see that Dell Server Management Pack has not started the support for SCOM 2019. The latest version of Dell Server Management Pack for SCOM is 7.0 which does not support 2019. 

I found that Dell EMC OpenManage Integration Version 7.1.1 for Microsoft System Center Operations Manager support SCOM 2019. But version 7.1.1 is a patch version to be applied to Dell EMC OMIMSSC 7.1. So do we need to first import/install Dell EMC OMIMSSC 7.1 Management Pack and then patch it with Patch version 7.1.1?

Can anyone confirm this. Thanks in advnace!




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Hi @AnjanaRM 


Thanks for all the help.
I just want to make sure I understood correctly, we are now installing SCOM 2019 version and we want to  import the Dell EMC monitoring Mp for are Dell servers
So in order to do so,  we need to:
1. Download Dell EMC OpenManage Integration Version 7.1 and install it on an MS server?
2. After installing and importing monitoring packages, install the Dell EMC OpenManage Integration Version 7.1 patch?

without using appliance server ? 




Hi @O.B.D 

The Dell EMC OpenManage Integration for Microsoft System Center - Operations Manager is an appliance based integration solution. It is available as .vhd or .ova file which needs to be deployed on a virtual machine either in hyper-V or ESXi. Post deployment there is process called as "enrollment of the MS with the appliance". This proceeds to import the Dell EMC Management Packs into SCOM. 

This solution offers the agent free monitoring of Dell EMC servers (licensed), chassis and network switches along with management packs used for agent-based monitoring of Dell servers discovered as windows computers in SCOM MS. 

You can use the latest Dell EMC OpenManage Integration for MS SCOM v7.2 from here:

You can also find the Dell EMC Server Management Pack Suite v7.2 in the above link. It is the installer solution (without using appliance). This option offers management packs used for agent based monitoring of Dell EMC Servers discovered as windows computers in SCOM which have either the supported iDRAC Service Module or the OpenManage Server Administrator installed on them.

For more information on deployment, configuration please refer to the installation and user guides:

Thanks and regards,

Anjana RM


Hi @AnjanaRM 


Thanks you about your respond.

do i have to install the Dell EMC Server Management Pack Suite on a management server

or can i install it on a dedicated server ? 


thanks again


Hi @O.B.D 

Yes you need to install the Dell EMC Server Management Pack Suite on any one of the management server in the management group.




i have scom 2019 with 7.2 management pack installed.  omsa is installed on dell windows server.  Any tricks to getting it to show up as a dell server on scom console. One server shows up, the other does not.


Hi @hrprnetwork 

Please check if

1. OpenManage Server Administrator has been installed successfully on that server for which you are unable to see the SCOM object.  

2. Has SCOM agent been successfully installed on this server? 


If yes, you can try the following:

1. Go to Authoring -> Management Pack Objects -> Object Discovery -> Search with "Dell Server Discovery" 

2. Select the object discovery whose target is "Windows Computer" and management pack is "Dell EMC Windows Server (Scalable Edition). [under corresponding server type,i.e., modular/monolithic/sled server]

3. Right click on this and select "Overrides".  You can override the object discovery for a specific object or for entire class. In the override wizard, you can modify the discovery interval seconds. 

4. In case you are still unable to see the object, you can enable the loglevel to '1' in the above object discovery for that windows computer. This generates logs as a text file with name "Discovery_DellServer" on the server node where OMSA is installed. This could give some information if in case the discovery process is failing on this server. The log file is located in "C:\Windows\Temp" folder. 




Hi  @hrprnetwork ,

a. Which model of Dell Server are you trying to monitor?

b. Which version of OMSA has been installed on it? 

c. Is it configured the same way as the other server which has got classified in the Dell EMC Server and Rack Workstation State view?




Are you able to install iSM on a R640 S2d Ready Node? When I enter the service tag for my server, it says the driver is not compatible even though it states in the documentation that the R640 is supported.


Hi @maxpower320 ,

Which version of iSM are you trying to install on the R640 S2D node? Which version of SCOM and OMIMSSC-SCOM appliance are you using?

thanks and regards,


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