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Diagnostic like in OMSA 6.0

I typically use Dell 32-bit diagnostic for testing systems and hard drives, but I also have a copy of OMSA 6.0 and use the diagnostic program there for when I'm testing multiple hard drives, because it will test them simultaneously instead of sequentially like in 32-bit. The problem is that 6.0 does not recognize the H700 and later RAID cards, so if I have 4tb drives to test, I'm stuck with 32bit, testing them sequentially, and waiting about six weeks for the process to finish.

I grabbed Dell Support Live Image Version 2.2 but don't see a similar diagnostic on it in the Linux environment, just the option to boot to a version of the 32 bit diagnostics. Does anyone know if there's an updated version of what's available in 6.0, so I can test the larger drives in a more reasonable time frame?

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Re: Diagnostic like in OMSA 6.0


I can't recall if simultaneous drive testing is a feature of any diagnostic utilities. You can try the online diagnostic utility. If you go to the system support page it should have a category for diagnostics in the download section. Here is an article on the various diagnostic utilities for our servers.



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