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Drive D full and access is denied

First of all let me apologize if I am not posting this right or in the right area. I really have very little computer experience. I have a Dell, Inspiron 531S, Windows Vista Home Basic and it seems I have the same problem that I see a lot of people have had, with one exception. Recovery drive D is full. Unfortunately, if I was storing something there it was an accident of my computer ignorance. Yesterday I could at least try to clean-up the disk, but now when I click on disk clean-up (or anything else to do with D) all I get is D:\ Access is denied. Can someone explain to me what's happening? Is it fixable without being bankrupting? What will happen if I ignore it, because so far(fingers crossed) it's running. What about a reinstallation disk? Can that help me? Or can I use a back-up disk from an earlier time? You can see how green I am. I'm also a student at an online college (not IT obviously, lol) which is why I really need some help. Naturally school is back in from 2 weeks vacation, this couldn't have happened 2 weeks ago, ya know? Anyway, thanks to any kind soul out there that chooses to reply to my post. 

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Re: Drive D full and access is denied

I would have someone with a little knowledge look at it, but if I am not mistaken the Recovery Drive D;\ is suppose to be full because it holds the original information that your computer came with. Did Dell give you recovery Discs? You most likely did nothing wrong, and Dell by design most likely does not let you see the files in there because they are relying on that partition to recover your system. Post back in case you have anymore questions.

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Re: Drive D full and access is denied


Orelan this is a reply i made to another poster today but it should fix your problem as well .

If you are using D:\Recovery for windows backup you can not do that your D:\ is to small for backup .these or the folders that should be in D:\

$recycle,bin  is hidden 



program data is hidden


system volume information is hidden




If you have any other files or folders in the D:\ Recovery you have to delete them and stop backing up to that drive the drive full message will go away .

Good Luck



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