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Firmware Update - Dell R720


We have an old R720 which loses some configuration information with regards to the raid etc...anyway as soon as i restart all is fine again. The problem I have ias that the enterprise drac does not let me in at the point where it asks me to press C for configuration or any key to continue. 

The first thing I want to try is to update all the firmware. Is there a place I can get firmware to update from within Windows 2012 R2? I see the PERC H710P Mini has new firmware available for example.

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RE: Firmware Update - Dell R720


There are a couple ways you can update the server. First off, if you mount this Server Update Utility (SUU) ISO in the OS and run it, it will update the server. Another option would be to boot to the Lifecycle Controller (F10 at startup) then select Hardware Update and point to ftp.dell.com.

Also the ctrl-C won't be a prompt for the iDrac, which is normally Ctrl-E, that normally is a Raid controller prompt.

Let me know if this helps.

Chris Hawk

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