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Having some issues with remote management

I have a PE 840 w/ DRAC 4P, BMC - both configured, Raid controller, and 4x146GB SAS 15k hot-swappable drives, RAID 5 configured. The system is up & running with 2 VM's, and is currently in production. Proc is 64-bit, but does not support any sort of VT, so I am relegated to running 32-bit operating systems (for the time being, until I upgrade the CPU, at which time I would install ESXi 5.x, VMA, etc.)

I do not have another DELL workstation on which to install ITA or any other remote access tools.

One of the drives is starting to show SMART errors, and notes that a failure is imminent (When viewing via RAID config and vSphere client.)

I will be hot swapping a replacement drive soon, and noticed on multiple forums that you can use OMSA to view the status (I could use the RAID util, however this negates the purpose of hot swapping in the first place) while the rebuild is taking place, however I find myself, after 2 weeks of trying to get OMSA, and a slew of other items installed to access the base system, or a virtualized system via web browser from my management workstation.


Any advice (as well as your time) is greatly appreciated.

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Re: Having some issues with remote management


Sorry you are having issues with the server.  To start, the processor doesn't support VT, nor does the PE840 BIOS. So even with upgrading to a proc which supports VT, it won't function with the BIOS.

With monitoring the HOST and VM's you can try what the supported systems do.

Load this VIB on the HOST - www.dell.com/.../DriverDetails

Then you can monitor from a desktop with this - www.dell.com/.../poweredge-1900

I will also forward a walkthrough to your email.

Let me know how it goes.

Chris Hawk

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