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How to acknowledge/disable an OMSA warning?


I'm new to OMSA and Dell Systems Management in general, but I have quite a bit of experience in IT.

I'm working on a proof of concept where a series of PET110 II are managed from a single console, hence OME. I managed to setup one PET110 II with OMSA 7.3 and having it discovered and inventoried by the OME 1.2.1 console. PET110 II runs Windows Server 2012 Standard with Hyper-V. OME console runs Windows Server 2012 Standard. I'm using non-Dell SATA drives on a PERC H200 Adapter. Some would say that using non-Dell beats the purpose and I agree with them. The idea with this proof of concept is to confirm the functionalities and the limitations before purchasing the production equipment.

So, the PERC H200 Adapter reports the non-Dell SATA drives as non-critical because they are not certified. Justly, OMSA reports the server with a warning state. I would like to acknowledge or disable this warning and move on with the proof of concept. How can I do that? How can I tell the controller or OMSA to forget these warnings?

Researching this subject on the Dell site, I came across a solution where OpenManage Storage Services was used to disable a specific event (like reporting non-certified drives). It seems that OMSS has been replaced by OMSA. But I couldn't find in OMSA a way to disable any warning.

Your help would be much appreciated.


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RE: How to acknowledge/disable an OMSA warning?

Hi there,

I'm more of an OME guy, but I asked around and got a bit of detail.  Hope it helps.

As per my understanding goes: OMSS marks the non-Dell drives as non-critical because they are not certified, but allows these in all the RAID operations.

However there is no acknowledgement is given to take away the warning sign. But if you are looking to block an event/alert then there may be a way to do this, but you'd have to open a support ticket and get some help from them to do this.  800-945-3355 

Good luck,


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RE: How to acknowledge/disable an OMSA warning?

Hi Rob,

Thank you very much for your help.

I'll look into it shortly.


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Re: How to acknowledge/disable an OMSA warning?

While you really SHOULDN'T use non-certified drives in Dell raid setups, I think that server admins should have access to the knowledge to manage and configure their environments as they see fit, even if it may be to their own detriment.  With that being said, you can disable the certified drive checks by following the info on this page:

Standard responsibility disclaimer applies, not recommended, may void warranty, may negate availability of Dell assistance, etc.  But for others who are ok with these risks, and/or are out of warranty support period anyway, you now have the information necessary to get rid of the unnecessary warning.  

Side note for Dell: there really should be a way to disable these non-critical, arbitrary warnings in OMSA.  I've missed ACTUAL VALID warnings because i got used to seeing the non-certified warning triangle in OMSA.  You shouldn't be "Crying Wolf" when it comes to things like server administration.

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