How to find and deploy relevant Server updates using SCUP and SCCM

So, a client is using SCCM 2012 R2, and SCUP 2011. I imported the Dell Server catalog into SCUP and deployed the inventory agent to all of the Dell servers in their environment. After it ran through the environment, SCUP is now showing over 1700 updates. And the VAST majority of them probably aren't needed or even relevant to their hardware. They have 7 different server models in their environment, all PowerEdge, and mostly PowerEdge R7## models, yet I'm seeing driver packs for PowerVault devices, NAS appliances, plus tons for non-R7## model PowerEdge servers.

Since SCUP doesn't show a required count, is there a way to determine and deploy only those updates which are actually relevant to the existing hardware? Other than by manually going through each update and examining it to see if it's relevant to one of the 7 models in their environment?

Publishing it to SCCM and deploying it via SCCM isn't a problem, so please don't post any advice regarding those steps (unless if there are proceeding steps included showing how to determine relevance within SCUP). I could, at least in theory, publish all of the updates to SCCM (metadata only), then examine the required and installed count for each of them to determine if they're needed...but that's pushing a lot of unnecessary data to the SCCM environment.

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