How to set bios boot order via racadm ?


I'm trying to boot a default VFLASH partition every time the server boots.

get bios biosbootSettings bootseq




set  bios biosbootSettings bootseq BootSeq=Optical.vFlash.IPXE-1,HardDisk.List.1-1,NIC.Integrated.1-1-1,Disk.vFlash.IPXE2-1


ERROR: BOOT016: Input source argument value for the boot device is incorrect or
not found among the boot devices on the system.

Can't find anything documenting how to configure this, other than using the idrac with

config  -g cfgVFlashPartition -i 1 -o cfgVFlashPartitionattachState 1


racadm config -g cfgserverinfo -o cfgServerbootOnce 0

but on every reboot the bootonce parameter is reset to 1



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RE: How to set bios boot order via racadm ?

I am seeing couple of error on the command. Can you try thi


racadm set BIOS BiosBootSettings.bootseq Optical.vFlash.IPXE-1,HardDisk.List.1-1,NIC.Integrated.1-1-1,Disk.vFlash.IPXE2-1



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RE: How to set bios boot order via racadm ?

It seems that the issue is that sometimes it works, some times it does not - whitespace issue maybe...

racadm>>set BIOS BiosBootSettings.bootseq Optical.vFlash.IPXE-1 
racadm set BIOS BiosBootSettings.bootseq Optical.vFlash.IPXE-1 
ERROR: RAC0909 : Invalid subcommand syntax. Specify the object name.

and then all of a sudden:

racadm>>set BIOS.BiosBootSettings.bootseq Optical.vFlash.IPXE-1
racadm set BIOS.BiosBootSettings.bootseq Optical.vFlash.IPXE-1
RAC1017: Successfully modified the object value and the change is in
pending state.
To apply modified value, create a configuration job and reboot
the system. To create the commit and reboot jobs, use "jobqueue"
command. For more information about the "jobqueue" command, see RACADM

I'm not sure why but now it works on all servers - it must have been a whitespace issue.

On one server at least, sometimes the VFLASH are not available from the bios via USC - after reboot and going to BIOS via F2, VFLASH is back both via USC and F2


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