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IT Assisatant need monitor the servers installed on the ESXi4.1 VMWare platform not work properly


At least I've installed a IT Assistant,on my XP to grab and monitor a information about edge dell server and few virtual servers installed on it but,
what I need to add/install to repare this sittuation:

1. On the IT Assistant View/Device, I see group server with unknown description and below that my name of servers discovered /all with the question mark incons/?

Detail about this servers are known only IP, discovery last and last status and last inventory, but  the system model type and service/asset tag and location N/A!

The discovered servers are instaled on the VMware ESXi4.1

2. On the IT Assistant View/Device the VMWare ESX Serves - empty , not dicovered


What should I install to dicover proper and monitor the VMWare ESXi4.1


/regards Piter


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