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IT Assistant 7.0.0 cannot detect my GX270's with OMCI v.7.1.382, A04

Systems are up to date on patches from Windows Update running XP Pro SP2.

SNMP and WMI are enabled on systems.

The systems I am attempting to manage are showing in IT assistant under Unknown.

Some of the systems already in place on the network are reporting back properly, however I have done no configuring to those. Upon inspection I cannot find any differences in their setup, but there must be some.

Does anyone have a checklist or list of prerequisites I should be going over. The documentation hasn't helped much.

Thanks in advance!
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Re: IT Assistant 7.0.0 cannot detect my GX270's with OMCI v.7.1.382, A04

IT Assistant requires the CIM user name and password with administrator rights that you established on the managed systems. If you are using a domain user, be sure to specify the correct domain in the user name field. A user name must always be qualified with a domain, or localhost if a domain is not present. The format is either domain\user or localhost\user.
CIM discovery requires proper user ID and password credentials. Failure to supply proper credentials on a subnet configured for CIM discovery can result in account lockout.


1. Setup a Domain user named CIMUSER.
a. Open Active Directory Users and Computers
b. Open the Domain and right click on the Users folder.
c. Click New, then User.
d. Enter CIMUSER for the first name, last name, and Logon As, then click Next.
e. Enter password, put a check mark next to Password Never Expires, click Next, then Finish.

2. Make the CIMUSER a Domain Administrator
a. CIMUSER should now appear in Active Directory Users and Groups on the right side.
b. Right click on CIMUSER and select Add Members to a Group.
c. Select Domain Admins, and then click OK.

3. Give the CIMUSER the right to login as a service.
a. Open Local Security Policy in Administrative tools. This will open Local Security Settings.
b. Open Local Policies – User rights assignments.
c. The window on the right will populate. Right click on Log on as a Service.
d. Click security, then add. Select CIMUSER from the list.
e. Click Add, OK, OK.

4. Install Dell Open Manage Client Instrumentation on the managed client.
a. The current version of OMCI as of this posting is 7.1 WMI must be installed on the client machine.
b. On every managed client, the IAP service will need be set to logon as the CIMUSER.
1. From the run line type SERVICES.MSC .
2. Right click on IAP and choose properties.
3. Click the Log On tab.
4. Change the radio button to Logon as THIS ACCOUNT.
5. Enter the account name of CIMUSER, enter the password, and click OK.

5. Configure CIM discovery in the IT Assistant.
a. Open Set Discovery Range in the Options category.
b. Highlight the Existing Discovery Range and click on Edit.
c. On the Discovery Range Configuration page, enter the CIMUSER and password.
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Re: IT Assistant 7.0.0 cannot detect my GX270's with OMCI v.7.1.382, A04


I installed the CIMUSER on IT-Assistant and on the Clients. (We want to monitor only XP-Clients)

Question: because we are not allowed to give Domain-Admin Rights to services (Policy of our Firm)

I created a Domain User "CIMUSER". Is it OK when I only give Local Admin to CIMUSER on every machine?

Do you recommend using ITA to manage XP-Clients or better Dell Open Manage? But, am I right, that I cannot install OMSA on XP-Clients, because it is made for Servers only?

Thanks in advance,




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Troy Tripp
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Re: IT Assistant 7.0.0 cannot detect my GX270's with OMCI v.7.1.382, A04

I tried these instructions, creating CIMUSER as a domain admin.  It didn't change anything for me.

Out of about 40 Dell PC's with OMCI 7.1.382, only two show up in ITA as clients.  They both had IAP logging on as the local account (which is the same as all those others that don't show up).

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