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IT Assistant 8.9.1 Unknown Clients

I think I've been here before - seems to be a constant theme and never seem to get any answers - so one last.

One of the reasons I've stuck with Dell every year when buying servers and clinets is the IT Assistant software, with XP to a fashion it worked.

We moved to Windows 7 Pro / Server 2008 R2 earlier in the year and now IT Assistant doesn't work.

All Windows 7 Optiplex cleints are reported as unknown - CIM is enabled tested and working, I even enabled SNMP tested and working, I have run all the diag tests - all passed but the clients show up as unknown with the grey circle and question mark.

All firewalls are off and for resolution purposes I've set up test machines within the same VLAN as the IT Assistant Server - still no joy - all systems are 64bit.

Has anyone managed to get IT Assistant successfully working with Windows 7 Pro - if so how?

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