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Installation of Dell Open Manage Server Administrator on ESX 4.1


Our core system is based on cluster running ESX 4.1 where we'd like to install Open Manage Server Administrator on the two server nods creating the cluster. 

We did some test in our lab and installed Dell OMSA on servers running ESXi 4.1 and it works fine. 

We're just wondering if the same installation procedure would be valid for ESX hypervisor as well? 

Unfortunately, we can not find any ESX 4.1 image to download in order to perform the test on ESX version in our lab. 

Installation procedure we used with ESXi is as follows: 

- moved all VMs from the server nod

- enabled SSH access and entered the maintenance mode

- copied the installation files to one of the datastores

- run the command: esxupdate --bundle OM-SrvAdmin-Dell-Web-7.4.0-1196.zip update

- server reboot, exit maintenance mode

This procedure was working for ESXi I'd just like to confirm that it would run on ESX as well as the next step is to install it on our production servers. 

A download link for ESX 4.1 would be highly appreciated if anywhere available. 



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