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Instrumented but unclassified

I have recently installed IT OpenManage Assistant on a Dell 2650 server.  I have also installed the OMCI on the test clients as well as a DMI agent.  I ran a discovery, all systems in the local subnet I specified were discovered but none are classified, including the test systems.  The test systems appear to be instrumented but not classified and I'm not getting any information on them.   The test workstations are Dell OmniPlex 150's.  All systems are running Win2000 OS.

What have I missed on either the server or the workstations that is keeping OpenManage from classifying and getting info on these machines?

My ultimate objective is to use the 'Wake up on Lan'.  I have made the appropriate changes in the NETBios on the workstations and rebooted to enable WOL.  


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Re: Instrumented but unclassified

OMCI 6.1 will support DMI (version 7.x does not). Check that there are no firewalls or IP filtering preventing communication.

TCP/IP ports used

It may be an idea to configure SNMP on the client and server and do discovery this way.

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