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MD1000 array not seen by OMSA

Hi List.

We have a R410 with a H810 controller which is connected to a MD1000 with 2 raid6 arrays.

Additionally the R410 has SAS6/iR controller connected to the backplane.

When I login to OMSA on https://localhost:1311/ and I navigate to Storage in the menu on the left it only shows the SAS 6/iR controller, the H810 is not shown.

When I click Main System Chassis and then Slots, it does show the PERC H810 Adapter in PCI1.

Needless to say the MD1000 doesn't show up in our OpenManage Essentials 1.2 either. 

The server runs Windows 2008 R2 SP1.
OMSA versions:

Common Storage Module Version 4.3.0
Data Engine Version 7.3.0
Hardware Application Programming Interface Version 7.3.0
Remote Access Controller Managed Node Version 7.3.0
Instrumentation Service Version 7.3.0
Apache Tomcat Webserver Version 7.0.39
Oracle Java Runtime Environment Version 1.7.0_21
Server Administrator Core files Version 7.3.0 (350)
OMACS Version 7.3.0
Instrumentation Service Integration Layer Version 7.3.0
Server Administrator Instrumentation files Version 7.3.0
Inventory Collector Version 7.3.0
Storage Management Version 4.3.0
Server Administrator Common Framework Version 7.3.0
Operating System Logging Version 7.3.0
Server Instrumentation SNMP Module Version 7.3.0
Agent for Remote Access Version 2.0.0
Server Instrumentation WMI Module Version 7.3.0

Anyone any ideas how to get this to work?
Thanks !  

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