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MDT - CCTK Question


Hello, used Dell Command Configure to extract the BIOS settings, now have a .CCTK file. I want to add the CCTK file to MDT to automate BIOS tasks.

Would be setting a BIOS admin password, turning off boot from USB, turning off PXE boot and disabling Wireless. No boot password would be needed.

For the CCTK file to work, do I need to  install the application Dell CMD configure as part of the task sequence? Is this the program that then runs the CCTK file?

If so, the steps would be:

1. Add the Dell CMD configure app as an application to the 'state restore part of the task sequence.
2. Add then CCTK -i filename as a cmd line(?) after the Dell CMD configure app at the end of the 'state restore' part of the task sequence?



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